Director Nefin Dinç has just finished the documentary film which tells the story of the FilmTurkey students. “Through My Lens” is now being screened at film festivals all around the world.


Please click on the link below to watch the documentary film’s trailer:




“If you were given one sentence to say to the world, what would it be?”

"Through My Lens" relates what it means to be young, a Turkish citizen, and wanting to be heard. Seventy-two students from six different Turkish cities won the opportunity to produce their first short films on the subjects of democracy and human rights, and set out to make their films throughout a year. Filmmaking can be a difficult, and sometimes disastrous, undertaking, and the students encounter their fair share of both while making their films and expressing their own ideas.  Throughout the film, the audience witnesses the students' youthful approach to issues vital in current Turkish society and the obstacles the old establishment creates for them. In the end, the students create a vibrant canvas of stories illuminating Turkey’s diversity on screen, including theirs.


Screenings and awards:

Ege Documentary Days (TR) - May 2016

Sole Luna Film Festival (Milan, Italy) - May 2016

Festival of Tolerance (Zagreb, Croatia) - April 2016

Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival (Morocco) - 01/04/2016

International Youth Film Festival (Trabzon, TR) - 29/03/2016, 16:00, Trabzon Sanatevi

Turkey-Germany Film Festival (Nuremberg, Germany) - 09/03/2016, 18:15, Filmhaus Kino

Filmmor Women Film Festival (Istanbul, TR) - 12/03/2016, 17/03/2016, Aynalı Geçit

Van Gölü International Film Festival - 07/12/2015

European Union Human Rights Days (TR) - 14,15,16/12/2015

Antalya International Film Festival (TR) - 2,3,4/12/2015

Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young People (Greece) - 01/12/2015

Edirne International Film Festival (TR) - 21,23/11/2015

Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival (Finland) - 16, 19/11/2015

MESA (Middle East Studies Association) Film Festival, Denver (Denver, USA) - 21/11/2015

Eastern Neighbours Film Festival (The Netherlands) - 07/11/2015

Buffalo International Film Festival (USA) - 18/10/2015, 14:45, The Screening Room

Malatya International Film Festival (TR) - 25/09/2015

Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - 17/08/2015, 16:00, Multiplex Cinema City-Hall

Istanbul Documentarist Festival (TR) - 16/06/2015, 15:00, Salt Beyoğlu

London Turkish Film Festival (UK) - 14/05/2015, 14:15, Rio Cinema

Beşiktaş Municipality Levent Cultural Center (TR) - 13/05/2015, 19:00, Levent Kültür Merkezi

Turkish Radio Television (TRT) Documentary Days (TR) - Best Documentary Film (Professional Category) - 09/05/2015, 14:00, Notre Dame de Sion Highschool

Salt Beyoğlu Premiere (TR) - 07/03/2015, 14:00 and 16:00



Press articles about the film:

Asu Maro, Milliyet, 13/01/2015:


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